About Borderline

The idea for the Borderline Theatre Group began as a series of late-night discussions among theatre friends over a decade ago. These discussions were the types most actors have at one time or another, especially if you can’t get enough of being on stage. “Why don’t we do more shows like….” “I really would like to do [insert name of dream production], but who’s going to put that one on?” And so on.

I enjoy working on musicals, but I prefer doing dramas and comedies with smaller casts, preferably somewhat offbeat and unexpected. I understand, though, that local community theater groups – which I’ve worked with happily over the past fifteen years – aren’t usually in sync with those interests. And for good reason: it’s tough to make any money doing dramas or productions in the venues where they usually perform. But it is not impossible in a smaller venue dedicated to those types of productions… at least, that’s my hope.

I spent about a decade on the former St. Clair Theatre Guild’s board of directors, including seven years as president. Despite the eventual end of that group due to the changes in the local theater scene (including the rise of semi-professional theater companies in its place), I’m proud of that time, as I am the work I’ve done with Port Huron Civic Theatre and Theatre Sarnia. From 2008 to 2016, I was the creative director of student theatrical productions at St. Clair County Community College and taught acting and improvisation credit courses. While I got to select the plays we presented at SC4 each season, there were still many plays I couldn’t produce there for various reasons. So, The Borderline Theatre Group is a place to stage some of those plays that don’t fit anywhere else. It’s indulgent, I admit, but if you want to do something, I believe you have to go out and do it instead of waiting for someone else to give you permission.

I hope to provide an alternative that compliments other local non-profit theatre groups by producing plays that wouldn’t otherwise be presented in the Blue Water area and provide educational opportunities for theatrical artists of all ages. I believe that we need to have more, not less, live theatre in the area so that it becomes a regular destination for our audiences instead of just an occasional entertainment option. We’re getting closer! There’s quite a lot of live theater happening these days.

I hope to put outstanding plays together with the most talented theatre people in the Blue Water area and offer the results to you, our supporters, our critics, and our audience.

If you’re interested, you can also¬†look us up on Facebook.

Tom Kephart
Founder & Artistic Director
The Borderline Theatre Group